Why Are Vaults Necessary?

By: Williams-Westbury Funeral Home
Wednesday, February 8, 2023

A vault is basically a box that goes in the ground and surrounds your loved one’s casket. They are something you can likely get from funeral homes in Macon, GA, and/or cemeteries. They sometimes even come as part of a package you would get from one or the other. Many cemeteries require them, so that makes them a necessary part of the process. Here’s more details about them. 

They Protect Your Loved One’s Resting Place 

One of the biggest advantages to a vault is that they are going to protect your loved one’s remains. Your loved one’s final resting place is their casket and that will go into the ground in the cemetery and be surrounded by the vault. The ground is going to shift and settle around your loved one and the vault will protect their casket and their remains from getting crushed under that weight. 

They Protect The Grounds 

Vaults are also meant to protect the cemetery grounds. Cemeteries want to take good care of their grounds so they look nice for those who are visiting, for people looking for plots, and out of respect for those who lay in rest within the grounds. Having uneven grounds, which could happen without vaults in place, are a danger as well. As the earth moves and shifts, the vaults protect the grounds from sinking and settling too much around your loved one, causing sinkholes and other issues. 

They Are Sometimes Part Of A Package 

You may not have to do much in order to secure a vault. If the cemetery requires it, they might offer you a standard vault as part of their package. You would likely also get the plot, the opening and closing of the grave, and other such things. The vault is also something that might come into play with the funeral home package. Some packages are basic and only include the necessary items, but vaults are often necessary with burial services

There’s Variety Included 

While vaults are standard in most cemeteries, there are options that you can choose between. You might want a certain material, for example, or something a bit larger or even more sturdy. Look through the options with your budget in mind so you don’t break the bank on this item. 

When you are looking into the details of having a final service for a loved one, the professionals are there to help you with the process from start to finish. Let the funeral home know what you have in mind for your loved one and they will offer options and ideas from there. When it comes to things you need for the services, like a vault, they can help you understand the details and what you need to do and on what timeline. 

When you are ready for final services, the professionals at funeral homes in Macon, GA are there for you every step of the way. Lean on their expertise and do what you can for your loved one to honor them however you feel is best.

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