Sending Flowers To A Cremation Service

By: Williams-Westbury Funeral Home
Monday, February 13, 2023

When you are trying to figure out what to do for a family that has lost a loved one, flowers are almost always a nice way to go. Whether they are having a funeral, or cremation services in Thomaston, GA, flowers are a nice gesture that show you care, that you are there to support them, and that you are thinking of them. They can also be used in the final service to honor the loved one. Here are a few tips in sending flowers to a cremation service. 

Ensure It’s Appropriate 

First, you want to make sure the family is accepting flowers. If they are having a Jewish ceremony, for example, flowers aren’t appropriate. IF the family is having a casual service, they might not want flowers, either. Or, if they listed in the obituary or other locations that they want memorial donations to go to a certain charity instead of flowers, you should honor that request. 

Find A Nice Florist 

If you know the family would appreciate flowers, you are going to want to find a good florist for the job. They need to have experience and knowledge so they can help you choose the right flowers for the occasion. Look at reviews online, ask people for recommendations, of call the funeral home as they always have good references to utilize. 

Have A Budget In Mind 

It’s a good idea to set a budget for your floral gift as you might see something you like, order it, and then realize the price tag is too large for you to cover. Figure out how much you want to spend and if you want to bolster the budget, talk to some other friends about going in on the arrangement as a group. Let the florist you are working with know what your budget is and you can get their advice from there. 

Choose Flowers With Meaning 

Flowers have meaning behind them and different colors can mean different things as well. You might have a certain message in mind and you can ask the florist which flowers would send that message. There are also flowers that are typical for these types of services and you can consider including some of those in the arrangement, too. 

Send Them In A Timely Manner 

If the family is having a memorial service soon, you want to get the flowers ordered soon so they can arrive at the funeral home, or other location, in time for that service. Or, you can also send an arrangement to the family home for them to enjoy in that location. You might wait a bit on that as they might have a lot of flowers from the services in their house for a while after the final services. You can use yours to take over once the others start to wilt. 

When you are trying to find a florist for a floral gift, the providers can help you with recommendations. That florist can help you find something to send to cremation services in Thomaston, GA.

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